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Save 60% on your fee. Join the A1-B1 Program

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​4 month program covering A1-B1 (Weekday program. The weekend program takes 8 months) . Zero - to high level proficiency

Save 60% on the fee. Rs. 16000/- for the entire program. 

Perfect if you are looking to make a career in German or travelling to Germany


1. How proficient will I be at the end of the program?

You will reach level B1. At B1, you should be able to speak with ease about a wide variety of topics. Even including complicated ones like global warming, and recession This is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to start a career in German or for those who are looking to travel to Germany

​2.  What if I want to take a break?

You can take a break and move in to a different batch. Your registration is valid for 2 years. You can finish the program anytime in those two years.


3. Can I do a trial class?

Of course yes. Come meet our trainers before you join.


4. What if I miss a class?

We obviously don’t recommend missing classes :D. But, if you miss one, you can always talk to the trainer and get a make-up class. At no extra charge. If you miss many classes, you can change the batch and finish the program.


5. What is Maitrise?

We started Maitrise over 10 years ago to make quality and affordable language training available to everyone. We are one of the best foreign language training centres in Hyderabad with alumni of over 3000 students and a clientele which includes Google India, Facebook, Deloitte and Touche, IBM, Tech Mahindra etc.

Call or whatsapp Shahir@ 79815 03472 to get a free trial class. You can also fill up the form below. We will get back within 24 hours. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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